07/10/2012 02:39 pm ET Updated Sep 09, 2012

Top Part-Time Jobs for College Students

With college comes freedom and with freedom comes expenses. Today, most college students are faced with empty pockets and fierce competition for employment. Sure, flipping burgers is fast money, but it doesn't do much for the resume. Nearly everyone you interact with as a college student is looking for money and additives for their professional reputation. Nearly all of these peers are going to be educated, motivated, intelligent, and charismatic. And nearly all of them are willing to work grueling hours fetching coffee and taking out the trash for minimum wage. You may be scrounging to pay for groceries, books, and tuition, and if so, chances are an unpaid internship is out of the question. Below is a list of the best part-time jobs for college students that pay the bills and do your resume some justice:

1. Residence Assistant
Residence assistants (RAs) are often offered dorm residency at reduced or no cost. Working in the dorms deletes rent fees from that grueling list of student bills. Employers often consider residence assistants to be responsible and trustworthy. They tend to have good communication skills and are natural leaders. Residence assistant rooms are often larger than standard rooms and are often individualized. With the perks of living on campus, the rental fee waved and the resume builders, why not sign up today?

2. On-Campus Tour Guide
Most universities hire students to be on-campus tour guides. They are responsible for showing prospective students, their families, and alumni around campus. This position provides those employed with an excellent opportunity to improve speaking skills while obtaining knowledge about their university. This role often serves as a resume builder because universities generally assign this position to someone they trust to represent the entire school.

3. School Library Services
Working at the university library is one of the most sought-after positions of today's college students. For starters, the position is convenient. It is located on campus and allows for plenty of personal studying. Additionally, your boss will often be understanding of the crazy workload that comes with college coursework.

4. Barista
It is typically during college that coffee addictions become full force. Starbucks employees are offered an ample amount of benefits, ranging from free coffee to medical bonuses. While the job may pay only minimum wage (pay differs per location and experience), consider all of the money you will save on coffee alone.

5. Nanny
The going rate for nannies today usually begins somewhere around 10 dollars an hour, and it only goes up from there. If the money wasn't enough to seal the deal, nannying positions come with many other bonuses. College is stressful, being a nanny is fun. The time you spend interacting with children will help relieve your stress and enable you to relive your childhood. Additionally, if your dream career has anything to do with children (education, health, marketing) showing your familiarity with children is a major gold star. Don't forget, the parents can serve as recommendations.

College is all about branding yourself, improving your reputation both socially and professionally. While it is important to get experience to add to your resume, oftentimes internship positions do not pay, or do not pay well, and students need to turn to another source for income. Everything in life is a learning experience, and it is important to make the most of all of the opportunities you engage in. Even flipping burgers can be re-worded to give you an edge on the competition.

By Kendall O'Brien, Florida State University