07/03/2013 10:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Giggles Over Google: Cheers for The Internship Movie

The Internship stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as Billy McMahon and Nick Campbell, two salesmen who lose their jobs thanks to the growing digital age. Billy decides to take fate into his own hands and sign the two up for an internship with Google; somehow, the two get an interview and fast talk their way into the internship.

The Google interns must team up and compete in challenges in order to win full-time positions at Google. Vaughn and Wilson wind up as the unpicked kids in the schoolyard and get paired with an unlikely team. Through hilarious challenges and hardships, Vaughn and Wilson work to keep the team positive and strive to win the full-time position.

I enjoyed and recommend The Internship.  Here's why this movie earned an A in my book:

1. The Internship turned out better than advertised.

I remember watching a preview for The Internship and thinking it was rentable, but when I went to see it with my family, I ended up really enjoying it. Not only do I love the Vaughn/Wilson pairing, but there was a certain charm the two added to their characters that was refreshing.

2. The storyline was more involved than I thought.

This movie is about unlikely relationships, current job struggles, coming-of-age issues, and generation differences. Yes, an internship is involved, but there is more to this movie than the title presents. I loved the relationships between Vaughn and Wilson and their team of college students; I felt the characters were relatable and presented realistic problems.

3. It is hysterical.

I laughed throughout the entire movie. If you dislike the fast-talking, witty humor of Vaughn paired with Wilson, this may not be the movie for you. However, if you are like me, you will love the way these guys dole out the jokes. The age and I.Q. differences between Vaughn and Wilson and the rest of their crew also present fabulous opportunities for comedy, and the cast takes these.

4. Google is awesome. 

I liked the world of Google that The Internship presents. Everything was super colorful and  high-tech, as it should be, but it made the movie even more interesting to me.

Will you go see The Internship this summer?


By Megan Weyrauch, The Ohio State University