06/13/2014 04:00 pm ET Updated Aug 13, 2014

Skip the Hangover: How to Have Fun Without Taking a Sip

A lot of people may wonder how people who don't drink have fun. I know, it's hard to imagine, but I promise you it is possible. Whether you want to take a break from drinking or just don't drink at all, here are some ways to have fun with your friends without the alcohol.

Go ice skating: The last time you went to the skating rink was probably for a friend's tenth birthday party, so why not give it another go? Ice skating is really fun, especially if you get a bunch of your friends to tag along. It's always good to have someone at the same level as you, so you're not speeding away or clinging to the wall all by yourself.

A lot of rinks have night skating, where they blast music, turn off the lights and have a disco ball. When the employees aren't looking, you can scrape up some "snow" that starts to build up on the ice and throw it at each other. For those of you that never get any snow, I've found this to be a decent alternative.

Tip: Go on a cold day. I know the instinct is to go when it's hot, but that's when the rink will be packed. Going when it's cold means not being packed in with a bunch of people. You can also check online for admission deals and such.

Go to a concert: Who says you need alcohol to enjoy some good music? Concerts are always an awesome way to spend your day/night. If you've never been to a music festival, that is officially on your bucket list. It's always fun to discover new bands that you never would have heard of otherwise, and to see your favorite if they happen to be playing.

You can even make a trip out of it. If the band that you want to see is playing in another city, grab some friends and road trip out. With some junk food, loud music and good people, you're bound to make tons of great memories.

Go to the beach: The beach is free and at your disposal, so why not take advantage of it? Whether you have a knack for surfing, love the water, or simply want to catch some more color, the beach is the perfect place to hang out with people. Some even allow you to have a bonfire, so why not make it a whole day excursion? Pack the marshmallows, the blankets, the guitars and enjoy a day of surf and sand.

Have a dog? Take them to the dog beach! Your pup can meet other dogs and discover how fun the ocean is. Most dogs, even if they don't like water, won't mind getting their paws a little wet.

Go to the movies: I mean, who doesn't like the movies? Movies are great for when you want to hang out but don't really feel like all the talking. Whether you want to see a movie that looks good or bad, both generate some awesome conversation afterwards. My roommate and I will purposely go see the overly cheesy movies and complain about the poor quality afterwards. Or if an ending to a movie we thought would be good sucked, we think up better endings and say how we totally should have written the movie.

Go on a hike: Sound body, sound mind -- getting that fresh air and stretching those legs will do you wonders. Pick a hike that you can manage, but that also pushes you, so when you make it to the finish, you'll be exhausted but so proud of yourself.

If that dog that you took to the beach is up for it, you can bring it on the hike too. I've noticed that pets always make everything better, and will take your mind off the fact that you are doing a 2 hour long hike.

Have a kickback: Kickbacks don't necessarily need alcohol to be fun. Invite some friends, slap some tunes, break out the chips, and ta-da, you have yourself a good time. If you have a pool, tell people to bring their suits and chill in there. That will pass a lot of the time.

You could also set up your Wii and have a dance-off to the Wii dance games; those are always hilarious. Having a big sleepover also makes for some great times, so tell your guests to pack a sleeping bag and sprawl out wherever there is room.

Go to a talent event: There are lots of awesome things on campus where fellow students are performing, and they will definitely be worth your while to check out. Whether it's a talent show, theater performance, art show or dance show, watching those talented students do what they love is always mesmerizing. You can learn about these events on your campus website, or by joining a group on Facebook with your peers in it -- one of them is bound to post about the current events happening.

There are so many things going on that you probably had never heard about, so pick one that looks interesting and get your booty over there. The best part? Most of them are free. You'll be cheering on and supporting your fellow college mates, having a good time and saving money!

And who said you can't have fun if the booze isn't present?

By: Francine Fluetsch, UC Santa Cruz