10/13/2014 10:26 am ET Updated Dec 13, 2014

Why Girls Should and Should Not Watch Sports

I know, ew right? I practically fall asleep every time someone mentions baseball. But, if we're being completely honest here, sports aren't all that bad.

However, there are the wrong reasons to watch sports, and the right reasons, so without further adieu, here are several reasons to watch and not to watch sports.

Reasons to Watch Sports

It's Fun:

They may not be nearly as interesting as television dramas or comedies, but once you become invested in a sports team, you can't seem to walk away from the TV. You can make the sport an event: grab your roommates, make up some finger foods and yell at your TV loud enough that your neighbors complain.

We get to yell and watch attractive men doing manly things? Why haven't we been watching this before?

The Players:

It may be padding, but I'm pretty sure every girl would be more than happy to stare at a football players' butt a majority of their Sunday. And the rugged manliness of those hockey players?

Tell me you wouldn't jump on Jonathan Toews the second you got a chance. If sports just aren't your thing but players are, that's all the excuse you need. Grab your girls and some popcorn and feast your eyes ladies.


What better excuse to throw a party than Super Bowl Sunday? For one thing, that Super Bowl food is an absolute must (potato skins, hot wings, chips and dip) and I mean really, who doesn't love a good party? Plus, I don't think there has ever been a better argument for day drinking.

So go put on that jersey, grab yourself a beer and order a few pizzas. Not only will you have every guy's attention, you'll also have one of the greatest bashes since New Year's Eve.

Cute Clothes:

If you're anything like me, you are constantly making excuses to buy new clothes. Team apparel is the ultimate excuse, right? There are so many uses for it! You can support your favorite team while supporting your favorite player while looking like a complete sports pro.

Plus, once game day rolls around, you'll be the best-dressed female in the house. Pair your jersey with skinny jeans and some pumps and you've got yourself an outfit that's sure to catch some eyes.

The Sport Itself:

This may be a bit of a stretch here, but isn't a great excuse to watch sports because sports are fun to watch? It may be hard to understand at first, but find someone willing to answer your questions and it'll be a match made in Heaven.

Girls are continuously portrayed as hating sports, and it definitely feels good to go against the crowd, so let's do it! Of course, you aren't going to like every sport you come across, but try them out until you find one that you do. Football, baseball, hockey, basketball or soccer, let's prove them wrong across the board!

Reasons not to Watch Sports

To Impress a Guy:

Please, for the love of God, don't be that girl. Nothing is more annoying than Suzie Pretender over there wearing her boyfriend's jersey and yelling words like "touchdown!" when she's watching baseball. Just no.

If you're going to watch sports, do it because it's something you want to do, not something that cute guy at the bar wants you to do. Trust me, guys are far more annoyed by girls pretending to like sports than they are by girls who just choose not to watch them.

For Competition:

While it may be fun to go against the team that everyone else likes, it's far more fun to support the same team as your friends. Trash talk gets old after about an hour, and eventually one of you will leave angry because your team lost and the other's won.

I understand wanting a little competition every once in a while, but you can find that at any Buffalo Wild Wings; don't compete with your friends.

Because Everyone Else is Doing It:

While fitting in is always a positive thing, making yourself miserable because your group of friends watches sports is a bit extreme.

Of course, don't be afraid to try watching sports, because you may like it, but don't force yourself to watch something you don't enjoy because everyone else is doing it.

They won't be mad that you want to sit out on hockey night to catch up on New Girl, so don't feel pressured.

Because a Team is Winning:

Bandwagon fans are the worst. Just because a team is close to winning whatever championship doesn't mean non-fans should pretend to be fans.

While watching a winning team is certainly more fun than watching your favorite team lose, it's telling of your character when you devote yourself to a team, win or lose.

Because of Celebrities:

Just because your favorite celeb likes a certain team doesn't mean that you should. Agent Booth from Bones may be a Flyers fan, but that doesn't mean that you are too.

Can you even name one person on the team? Exactly. Determine things for yourself -- I promise your celeb crush isn't going to care. Really.

So while watching sports is definitely something girls should take part in, it isn't something that all girls have to take part in.

If you aren't about the sports scene, don't force it. If you think you could be, dive on in, because I promise it'll be something that'll stay with you for years to come.

By: Victoria Robertson, University of Illinois