08/27/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

If NYC Subways Could Tweet

I read today that NY State has created Twitter feeds for various subway lines. As a lifelong New Yorker, I have often wondered what subways would be like if they became animated (and while we're on the subject, why has Pixar not jumped on this?). A brief imagining...

redline @456eastside LOL I'm on your track right now...

456eastside @redline Word, they shut down Franklin for repairs. More time 4 partying :)

ACE4eva OMG OMG Chris Noth just got on at 81st. DYING.

NExpress Am local this weekend and stuck behind @RQueensbound...WHY ARE YOU SO FUCKING SLOW? Kill me now.

GreenG Inexplicably terminating at Jay Street, turning around.

2ndAveSubway NEWS!! Debuting in 2016 now. I think.

ACE4eva @GreenG Meet me at Jay, our conductors can yell across the platform for a few minutes and piss everyone off

redline @2ndAveSubway Keep dreaming. $5 says they finish Atlantic Yards before they finish you.

RQueensbound @NExpress Do not hate. My driver fell asleep.

LLLLLove No one at the wheel! Wheeee!