02/09/2008 06:57 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Governor Gregoire: Fired Up And Ready To Go!

I just had a chance to personally speak to Governor Gregoire and she is very excited about this election.

"This is the most exciting election since I was fired up for Kennedy," she said.

Yesterday she endorsed Barack Obama at his Rally for Change at the Key Arena, a decision, she said, that was not easy.

"We have two excellent candidates and both make history."

It seems that Gregoire is inspired, like so many others, by Obama's hope and charisma. As the election process moves on, a nomination will be secured for the Democratic candidate very soon, and the American people are appearing to lean toward the democratic side, but nothing is decided.

"There's no relaxing," said Gregoire. "We have to work hard everyday to get a Democratic President in the White House."