06/30/2012 08:17 am ET Updated Aug 30, 2012

Inside the TWA Flight Center At New York's JFK Airport (PHOTOS)

Over the last decade, the now-closed TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport, designed by architect Eero Saarinen, has been undergoing painstaking preservation. The center is currently in the process of being approved for adaptive reuse as a hotel.

We got a look inside.

James Steven, manager of JFK Physical Plant and Redevelopment tells Untapped of the renovation he has overseen with Beyer Blinder Belle, and has been detail-oriented down to each tile being properly sourced in keeping with the building's history. The National Trust for Historic Preservation helped save it from demolition in 2003, and is now highlighting the terminal as one of the 24 most inspiring preservation stories in the 24 years of its 11 Most Endangered Historic Places List.

This was the cathedral to aviation, if there ever was one, and you feel through the design the pride and optimism the aviation industry had then.

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Inside the TWA Flight Center