03/12/2015 05:16 pm ET Updated May 12, 2015

100 Business, Technology and Leadership Lessons [SLIDE DECK]

On March 8, 2013, Michael Krigsman and I launched a weekly video series called CXO-Talk. The goal was to connect our network and share wisdom from the most innovative and thoughtful business leaders in the world. Guy Kawasaki joined us for the opening episode. Since then, CXO-Talk has set the standard for thought-provoking enterprise video content. No other enterprise analysis and discussion site possesses the depth of our video library. We have now completed over 100 episodes with extraordinary startup founders, Fortune 250 executives, including over 30 chief information officers (CIOs), chief marketing officers (CMOs) and chief digital officers (CDOs). We have spoken with the most well-known venture capitalists, world-renowned technology analysts from Gartner and IDC, bestselling authors, an Emmy award winner, a brigadier general, and an NBA team owner.

The SlideShare presentation above features 116 executives from our first 100 episodes. Our most accomplished and brilliant guests share their business, leadership and technology insights, each captured in a tweetable quote. The slides also each link to the blog summary of the interview and the full video conversation. You will find the Twitter handles for all of our guests. I strongly recommend that you connect with this extraordinary group of thought leaders.