04/25/2016 11:51 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Top 100 Most Social CIOs on Twitter 2016


There is no better time than now to be a chief information officer (CIO). 2016 is the year of the connected customer and an opportunity for CIOs to help their companies learn more about and engage with their customers in a whole new way. Every business is a technology business and CIOs are best positioned to leverage innovation to help their companies grow, while delighting customers and employees. The evolving role of information technology (IT) organizations has created an unprecedented opportunity for CIOs to lead digital business transformation initiatives within companies of all sizes, in all industries. I also believe that CIOs who drive successful digital transformation are best suited to win CEO jobs.

In a 2016 State of IT research report, digital trends like mobile customer facing and productivity apps, social networking, cloud computing, data science, cybersecurity were shaking up traditional IT strategy and driving a need for more collaborative and customer-focused leadership roles in IT. In order to successfully drive company-wide transformation, successful CIOs are collaborative, accessible and demonstrate the ability to influence their organizations, customer and business partners by being accessible, informed and role model agents of change.

One common characteristic of extraordinary CIOs is that they are active and passionate social networkers. These CIOs frequently use public social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging platforms to share their points of view. Many of these CIOs are work behind the scenes to mentor and promote thought leadership and group collaboration. These social CIOs are inspiring technology and business leaders to actively drive digital transformation for the betterment of their employees, customers and business partners.

I have complied a list of 100 social CIOs who consistently demonstrate their willingness to be active on Twitter. I use several factors to develop this list including frequency of use, size of network, quality of content, share of voice data and my own experience with CIOs. In addition, for the first time this year, I consulted with a social influence expert and thought leader Marshall Kirkpatrick, co-founder Little Bird (@GetLittleBird), in order to further validate the CIO list. Marshall is a brilliant researcher and provided fantastic input towards this project.

Please join me by congratulations the 2016 most social CIOs on Twitter. I encourage you to follow each of these wonderful executives on Twitter. I also welcome your suggestions regarding other social CIOs that should be recognized for their willingness to actively engage on Twitter.

  1. Dr. David A. Bray, FCC - @fcc_cio
  2. Kim Stevenson, Intel - @kimsstevenson
  3. Joanna Young, Michigan State University - @jcycio
  4. Oliver Bussmann - @obussmann
  5. Robert Schmidt, California Office of Technology Services - @ambassadorcio
  6. Jonathan Reichental, City of Palo Alto, California - @reichental
  7. Tim Crawford, AVOA - @tcrawford
  8. David Chou, Healthcare CIO - @dchou1107
  9. Jay Ferro, American Cancer Society - @jayferro
  10. Ramon Baez, HPE - @RamonFBaez
  11. Mike D. Kail, Cybric - @mdkail
  12. Steve Groves, GoodLife Fitness - @steveatgoodlife
  13. Adriana Karaboutis, Biogen - @andikaraboutis
  14. Stephen Landry, Seton Hall University - @landryst
  15. Will Lassalle, JLS Tech - @wlassalle
  16. Miguel A. Gamino Jr., City of San Francisco - @sfcitycio
  17. Michelle Mckenna-Doyle, NFL - @nflcio
  18. Ben Haines, Yahoo - @bhaines0
  19. Andrew Wilson, Accenture - @andrewxwilson
  20. Diane Doersch, Green Bay Area Public Schools - @doerdi
  21. Adam L Stanley, Cushman and Wakefield - @ALSWharton
  22. Stephen diFilipo - @S_dF
  23. Jason Smylie, Capriotti's - @capriottisjason
  24. Rachel Wente-Chaney, High Desert Education Service District - @rwentechaney
  25. John L. Shea - @johnlshea
  26. Brenda Cooper - @brendacooper
  27. Steven G. Snyder - @stevengsnyder
  28. Dr. Gaurav Pradhan - @DrGPradhan
  29. William Caraher, von Briesen & Roper - @williamcaraher
  30. Matt Busigin, Hover Networks - @mbusigin
  31. David Thompson, Western Union - @westernunioncio
  32. Gerri M. Fickinger, Starbucks - @GMFlickinger
  33. Isaac Sacolick - @nyike
  34. Steve Downs, RWJF - @stephenjdowns
  35. Melissa Woo, Stony Brook University - @mzyw
  36. Andy Blumenthal, U.S. Department of State - @totalcio
  37. Neil Pearce, Travis Perkins - @neiljpearce
  38. Sabine Everaet, Coca Cola Company - @s_everaet
  39. Jim Fowler, GE - @jimfowler
  40. Michael Berman - @amichaelberman
  41. Victor Fetter - @vpfetter
  42. Scott Fenton, Wind River Systems - @sdfenton
  43. Christian McMhahon - @christianMcM
  44. Kelly Walsh - @emergingedtech
  45. Michael Skaff - @mskaff
  46. Richard Corbridge - @r1chardatron
  47. Will Weider - @candidCIO
  48. Stuart Appley, CBRE GWS - @sappley
  49. Kevin Behr - @kevinbehr
  50. Vince Kellen, University of Kentucky - @vkellen
  51. Theresa Rowe, Oakland University - @oucio
  52. Paul Slot - @tri4ever
  53. Mark W. Carbone, Waterloo Region DSB - @markwcarbone
  54. Susan Kellogg, UNC Chapel Hill - @susankellog
  55. Bruce Maas, University of Wisconsin - @uwmadisoncio
  56. Brett Bobley, NEH - @brettbobley
  57. Dr. Alissa Johnson - @dralissajay
  58. Ferdinand Kobelt, Swiss Federal Department of Defense - @ferdinandkobelt
  59. Bob Egan, @bobegan
  60. Cynthia Stoddard, NetApp - @stoddardCA
  61. Tom Laplante - @tomlap
  62. Paige Francis, Fairfield University - @fairfieldcio
  63. Adam L. Stanley - @alswharton
  64. Dr. Abouelenein - @cio_baz
  65. Nigel Fortlage - @nfortlage
  66. Jonathan Feldman - @_jfeldman
  67. Sheila Jordan, Symantec - @sheilajordan90
  68. Peter Campbell, Legal Services Corp - @peterscampbell
  69. Stephen lamb - @see_eye_oh
  70. Mark Brewer - @brewerma
  71. Eric Egnet, MSI Global Talent Solutions- @intheknowCIO
  72. Giancarlo Gonzalez - @giangonz
  73. Ashwin Ram - @ashwinram
  74. Fernando Thompson - @thompsonfer
  75. Rachel Clemmons, Davidson College - @rclemmons
  76. Steven VanRoekel - @stevenvDC
  77. Paul Coby, John Lewis - @paulcoby
  78. Edgardo Donovan - @eddiedonovan
  79. Lisa Davis, Intel - @LisaM_Davis
  80. John Halamka, BIDMC, Harvard Medical School - @jhalamka
  81. Jesse Lubinsky, NY Tech Ed - @jlubinsky
  82. Lee Congdon - @lcongdon
  83. G. Ravishanker, Wellesley College - @ravishan
  84. Richard Corbridge - @r1chardatron
  85. Alan Stukalsky, Randstad - @stukalsky
  86. Tom Andriola, University of California - @andriola_UC
  87. Chantal Tomlinson, World Vision - @chantal_c
  88. Andrew Abboud - @aabboud
  89. Bryan M. Sastokas, Long Beach, CA - @bsastokas
  90. Mary Sobiechowski - @msobie
  91. Adam Gerrard - @cio_adam
  92. Andre Thomas - @_andrethomas_
  93. Beth Miblock, City of Detroit - @detroitcio
  94. Sue Schade, University Hospitals, Cleveland - @sgschade
  95. Brian Rellinger, Ohio Wesleyan University - @rellinb
  96. Kevin More, May Institute - @kmmore
  97. Brian Miller - @suydam
  98. Ellen Yu Borkowski, Union College NY - @eyb
  99. Thomas Danford - @tdanford
  100. Kevin Mazur, @kevin_m