12/02/2014 04:17 pm ET Updated Jan 31, 2015

PLL: What Would You Give the LiArs for Christmas?

The Pretty Little Liars Christmas special "How the A Stole Christmas" is only a week away and this past fall tvtag and Jaymie Bailey, founder of All Things PLL, were given a special challenge directly from ABC Family:

And when ABC Family calls, what else can megafans do but answer?

Since four minds are better than two (it's the Liars Way) we called in reinforcements: our favorite PLL-theorist Tara Filiator, founder of Crazy PLL 901, is ready to weigh in and we're thrilled to introduce TV and Pop Fabulous expert Catrel Cathey, one of the best live-tweeters online.

So here we go, Challenge Accepted-- to the panel!

Aria Montgomery

Catrel:: I would buy Aria's book - ONE MILLION COPIES as soon as it gets published. I can see her having a fabulous writing career.

Tara: I'd give Aria a purity ring because she can't understand that older men are not for her, or a two year cell phone contract because it's bull that I can't get a new phone every other week but she can.

Jaymie: Christmas gifts for Aria Montgomery... one accessory that is not made from animal fur... and for her parents to get back together.

Emily Fields

Catrel: I would buy Emily a new shoulder, no matter how much it costs. I missed her swimming!

Vanessa: Oh, me too! I would love that - it's one setback after another for Emily, what with stalker best friends and stalker ex-girlfriends. Speaking of...

Hanna Marin

Catrel: I would buy our girl Hanna gift cards to Versace, Louboutin, Michael Kors, Stuart Weitzman and Louis Vuitton. You know she loves fashion and I want nothing but the best for our girl!

Vanessa: Can I make Hanna take me shopping? That's not really a gift for her... although I am incredibly pleasant to be around so there's that.

Spencer Hastings

Vanessa: Yesss! Can we get Spencer a great lawyer too? Oh wait, what am I thinking she's already got one in Momma Hastings.

Catrel: I would get Spencer an entire encyclopedia set -- every frickin' subject. We all know our girl is smart, I see her being anything.

Alison DiLaurentis

Catrel: I would buy Alison a whole, brand new persona because she's resorted back to her old ways and will stop at nothing to take them all down.

Vanessa: You're so right! I would "gift" Alison with a one-way bus ticket to get the hell out of Rosewood. She needs to leave our girls alone!

Happy Holidays from your favorite PLL experts: @AllThingsPLL, @CrazyPLL901, @CatrelCathey, and @tvtagPLL! Join all of us on Tuesday, December 9th at 8pm when we'll be live-tweeting Pretty Little Liars, "How the A Stole Christmas" on ABC Family.