07/10/2014 02:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pretty Little Liars 505: "Miss Me X 100"

It's time for some Pretty Little Liars 100th Episode Madness with tvtag and Jaymie Bailey, founder of All Things PLL! Here we go -- mind the spoilers:


VB: "Miss Me x 100" delivers what we reAlly want: explosive kisses, sex, and catfights --and actual explosives. We also get a couple of returns this week: Alison returns to high school and Jenna returns to Rosewood. What are your reactions to Alison's return?

JB: I pictured Alison's return to Rosewood High much like it played out. Everyone was staring and my thoughts were exactly the same as Aria's: do they like her or don't they? Alison's return was one of the biggest moments for me. She knew her friends would welcome her back with open arms, but a majority of the people at Rosewood High hated her for good reasons and never really got to know the same Ali that all four Liars do. She actually does have a soft side, believe it or not.

The thing that shocked me the most is that initially, even the people who hated her accepted her and spoke to her in an endearing way. But she is Alison DiLaurentis. Like she told Mona, it wouldn't take long for her to win over [Mona's] army. I fully believed her until Mona revealed she had recorded Alison's side of the story. I'm excited to see where Mona takes things, but Alison DiLaurentis is going to be ready for the war.

Jenna's also back, presumably to get revenge for Shana's death. What will her return mean for Aria?

Jenna's return will be a turning point for Aria. She's already bursting at the seams, trying to find a way to deal with her guilt. Now that Jenna is back in Rosewood, her guilt is going to be taken to new heights. I don't see Aria confessing any time soon because of what it means for Alison and the other girls, but seeing Jenna around town and seeing her in an emotional state because of Shana is going to tug at Aria's guilt in a big way.

What about the reveal that Sydney's working with Jenna and Mona? I've dubbed it a Holy Trinity of Mean Girls, was not expecting that at all!

Now THAT was a shocking moment! I was wondering what relevance the new girl had in Rosewood, but now we know. In my opinion, she's hanging out with the wrong crowd, but when does anything turn out like we expect in Rosewood? Sydney is an essential part of their trinity. She's got Emily fooled, and she sure had me fooled for the first couple of episodes. Tammin Sursok (Jenna) recently revealed that someone in Rosewood has a twin sister. After this week I'm starting to think Sydney and Jenna may be related. Fraternal twins, perhaps.

Seeing Jenna and Sydney together, wearing similar outfits and nearly identical shades, definitely lends some credence to theories that Sydney may have been playing the A-Game longer than we think. Have there been times in past episodes where we think we're seeing Jenna but in reality it was Sydney?

We have yet to see Lucas' "girlfriend" and I'll be honest, I'm wondering if she's made up. The party was probably a scheme to get the Liars away from Alison. Does this girl exist?

Lucas gained some coolness while he was away, so I'm not completely ignoring him when he says he has a girlfriend. I'd love to give him the benefit of the doubt, but that party was a total ruse. Hanna was with Lucas, Emily with Sydney and Aria with Jenna. That entire night was plAnned, and it was the perfect opportunity to trap Alison. I think Lucas may have picked up more than just the "A" game while he was away. He seems a bit smoother and less nerdy, so I want to say that he's telling the truth.

Lastly, how much did you enjoy all the "ship-food" last night?! Ezria, Emison, and Spoby all had some hot scenes together and it's looking like Haleb may be gearing up for a reunion. Which relationships are you the most excited about?

The Pretty Little Liars shippers got a plate full last night! Spoby is my all-time favorite couple, so I'm happy that they are heading in a good direction (fingers crossed). Aria and Ezra are soulmates. End of story. But I like where they are right now. Aria is in a dark place and needs someone to pull her out, and the one person who can help her has a dark past. Ezra apologized, but he lied to the girls for the longest time. When he met Aria, he was writing a story about Ali -- now Ezria is making their own.

However, I'm kind of interested to see where the writers take Emison. I've never really thought of them as a true couple. Alison was Emily's first love, and despite (and even because of) the rejection, Emily had the strength to accept who she truly is. I don't believe Alison shares the same sexuality as Emily, but I do think she missed Emily the most because Emily missed her the most. I'm excited to see where the writers take this storyline, but Alison, don't you dare hurt Emily!

I was so proud of Emily for standing up to Alison at the end and not allowing herself to be manipulated. Now that we know for sure A is back in the gAme the rest of this season will be even more shocking than these first five episodes. I can't wait to see this all play out.

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