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Pretty Little Liars 511: No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

Co-Authors: Jaymie Bailey, All Things PLL | Tara Filliater, Crazy PLL 901

We're days away from Pretty Little Liars' midseason finale and tvtag's got it covered. Everyone's favorite expert, Jaymie Bailey of All Things PLL is here with popular theorist Tara Filliator, founder of Crazy PLL 901 to break this down. "No One Here Can Love or Understand Me" the way these ladies can. (Spoilers ahead.)


VB: Let's save the best for last and start with man-meat. Caleb finally revealed what went down in Ravenswood; will he begin healing?

Jaymie: Caleb will start to heal from his Ravenswood scars but his experiences from that eerie town will always haunt him. However, I'm glad he was going through this torture, to be honest. It's snapped Hanna out of her drinking habits. She realized if she stopped drinking she [could] help Caleb properly.

Who was watching "Haleb" from the window? Can we cross Caleb off our lists as an A-suspect?

Tara: I almost want to say Ali might have been watching Haleb. A clearly stated Ali cannot leave town or he/she would hurt them, so maybe Ali's just hiding. However, I cannot seem to shake this feeling Ali and Caleb dated in the past, or knew each other. I've noticed while watching Haleb recently: only Hanna mentions lovey dovey statements like "I Love you," "I'm so happy," etc, and I think it's interesting.

Caleb is definitely still on my A list, he's been acting so strange since he returned, and even though he states it has to do with Ravenswood I have a feeling there is more. I will never forget [when] Grunwald said "One of you have been touched by the one Ali feared the most," and she kind of looked at Hanna.

Jaymie: Caleb has never really been at the top of my A-list, but ... everyone is a suspect in Rosewood. Caleb has been in this for Hanna since the beginning, if he's involved in any way he's protecting his girlfriend. As for who was watching outside the window, I think it was A. The black-hooded figure's had control of Hanna a little more since she's been under the influence. Since she's stopped drinking I think A's kept their eyes open for a new way to throw a curve ball Hanna's way.

The writers threw us a curveball: Mike and Mona are very much back on! What did you think of Aria's shutdown?

Jaymie: I don't think Aria likes Mike with Mona in any way, shape or form. But you can't blame Aria because she's trying to protect her brother. She only knows Mona as the person who had a hand in torturing her and her friends. You also can't fully blame Mona's post-A antics. Mona's been protecting herself all along but she's doing that in a different way. She's more behind the scenes, deep in the mystery of figuring out what is going on with Alison.

However, Mike Montgomery is Mona's safe place to land. You can actually see a different person when she's with him, and she got extremely emotional when Aria made her question herself in their relationship. I'm a huge Mona Vanderwaal fan, and if Mona is happy (and no longer seriously torturing our four favorite Liars), I'm happy.


Emily now believes Alison could be the conductor of the A-train, is there credence to the theory that Ali has been A all along?

Jaymie: Alison is in this game to protect herself most of all. But she is concerned with her own well-being mainly because she's been emotionally tortured for so long. I think being A would allow her to have that control back, so yes, I do think that's a credible theory. Alison knows way more than she's telling but I'm not positive that she's A just yet. However, that theory can easily change.

Tara: Of course there's credence that Ali's been A all along but let's be honest: there's credence that every Liar has been A, and almost every person in Rosewood. I don't think Ali is A. I mean, A is what scared her out of town to fake her own death in the first place...soo Yeah. You have to think of the BIG picture when thinking about who A really is, because A has to be someone with so much time on their hands. With Ali dealing with the police, her dad, school, the press, she's under top surveillance... there is no way she could be A.

We finally learned Melissa's Secret: she saw Spencer "That Night" and then buried Bethany Young, not realizing she was still alive. What affect will this admission have on the Liars?

Tara: This is where everything will start turning: who can the Liars trust? Can they even trust each other? Remember what Ali said to Hanna in the hospital: "The four of you combined know what happened." So maybe... all of the Liars (on drugs) attacked Bethany thinking it was Alison. Aria is already on her way to the nut house basically, she is losing her mind. The fact that Tanner believes they murdered Bethany - we'll start seeing these girls become paranoid in so many ways.

Jaymie: This information is going to majorly affect the Liars. Have you seen the previews for the Fatal Finale? Someone gets arrested, and I'm betting money it's Spencer Hastings. I think A may have gotten his/her hands on Melissa's tape and Spencer is going to pay the price. But she's got the best (and only) attorney in town for a mother. She won't stay behind bars for long. (Here's hoping!) And I love that Melissa was doing what she thought would protect her sister. Also, I just want to take a second and give all the awards to Troian Bellisario and Torrey DeVitto for their performances this week. Stellar work, ladies!

What stands out to you as we gear up for the Summer Finale?

Tara: So many things have us foreshadowing the finale!

Mona's death: "Once she is done with me, she'll come after you." We should learn what's happening with Mona's Army in the finale. I almost think Mona may fake her own death to take back the throne from Ali. I feel like this is the plan!

Caleb's Death: We learned the finale of Ravenswood, which was heartbreaking, and Caleb thinks the curse is over. He claimed the fireflies/ghosts were gone but at the end the Ouija board starts moving and we see the ghosts following him. If you notice the Ouija marker points to "goodbye" which could be symbolizing Caleb dying.

Byron Montgomery: Byron acted very strangely to me and we're supposed to learn who killed Bethany in the finale. I almost think it might be him! I have always suspected Byron to have done something more That Night, or even Meredith.

Jaymie: The police are really pushing the Liars' backs against a wall. Rosewood PD is determined to pin this murder on someone, and it seems like they're going to any length to do so. Having one confession opens up the door to many more secrets being revealed. Alison lied. Aria killed someone. Spencer did have a shovel in her hand the night Bethany died. Hanna and Emily went along with Alison's story about being kidnapped and about having no idea that New York even exists as a city. These girls are in major trouble, and they desperately need a way out.

And we desperately need it to be Tuesday already so we can get some answers!

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