07/23/2014 02:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Teen Wolf 405: "I.E.D."

This week on Teen Wolf all eyes are on the new, deadly assassins who have invaded Beacon Hills (High School) to hunt down the names on the Benefactor's list and I'll admit that over at tvtag. I'm struggling a bit with this "teen assassin" plotline. Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen Episode 405, "I.E.D."

"Seriously, I can't believe you fell for that." Well I can't either, Garrett. I love this show with a passion that's probably not normal for someone who gets called "Ma'am" at grocery stores but I find myself growing incredibly skeptical of how much these teen assassins are getting away with (more on that later).

Derek needs to open a school for wayward werewolves. It then needs to become its own comedic spinoff costarring Sheriff Stilinski as school security and Peter Hale as the principal no student ever wants to visit. Scott and Stiles can occasionally pop up for supervised field trips, hilarity ensues.


Stiles is becoming one hell of a detective. I hope Stilinski is looking at his son with pride, because Stiles' deductive skills were in amazing form this week. I don't know any other character that could have put together the lacrosse stick connection. Malia also needs some accolades tonight for being instrumental in cracking the second cypher for the dead pool. These two as a couple continue to grow on me, even when they barely share any scenes together.

That would (hopefully) never happen in a high school science lab. Watching Violet and Garrett mixing wolfsbane in a beaker and applying it to a ridiculously sharp-looking blade right there in a brightly lit lab, fully visible to anyone in the hall, made me scared my eyes would roll out of my head.


Alright, two thoughts occur during the last locker room sequence: first I openly snickered when Violet (eye roll) tried using her garrote on Scott. Please test him, Violet - go ahead. Then when Scott reminded Violet how stupid she is for taking on an Alpha I found myself repeating "Please be dead, please be dead, please be dead" just to get this girl out of the way already. I don't know if these assassins are actually in their 20s and just passing for teenagers but after this week I'm having an even harder time taking them seriously.

"In Mexico we just call this a standoff." The Calaveras are back! I love how this show explores other cultures in their storylines. The Baddest Hunters South of the Border have been weaved back into the plot after the premiere. I'm not sure if Chris Argent repeated their code just to shut them up (Chris, please shut them up) or whether he's genuinely going back to his "Hunt First, Ask Questions Later" days and I'm dying to find out!

What did you think of Teen Wolf Episode 405, "I.E.D.?" Am I giving Violet and Garrett too hard of a time? Sound off in the comments!

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