10/24/2014 11:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

We're Still Processing that Ending to The Walking Dead "Strangers"

I've had a few days to try and recover from that shocking ending to the latest episode of The Walking Dead, but I still get really uncomfortable every time I watch it. Let's not dig too deeply into the fact that I've insisted on rewatching "Strangers" several times even though I get this hollow-pit of just plain old ickiness in my gut every time. It's gross. I like it; I played with mud as a child it probably says something about me we can analyze at a different time.

Luckily, I've got Justice Revils, founder of popular fan-account @StuffThangsTWD to help get me through this. Mind the spoilers, though if you haven't seen the episode yet I don't know what's wrong with you, go watch "Strangers!"

VB: Okay, walk me through what we saw this week...

JR: The end of the episode! Bob walks away from the church crying, I'm guessing he was bit, and then Gareth and "The Hunters" knock him out -- only to eat his leg! This was a fantastic scene that came right out of the comics, best of the episode for sure!

True, for readers of the comics what happens to Bob this week isn't a huge surprise, it just happens to a different character (Dale, who obviously isn't around anymore, RIP Daly, I admit I don't miss your "judgey-face").

I really love the direction this season is taking, it looks like it's sticking a lot to the comics, and I won't complain!


"Strangers" began as an introduction to new character, Father Gabriel, but became something much deeper as (most of) our group got a rare chance to breathe easy for a few hours.

I loved Abraham's toast in the church. Really cool moment where he convinces Rick and Judith to go to DC with him. Tara also had some cool moments with Rick and when she talked to Maggie about being with The Governor when they attacked the prison.

I love how much she's grown since 4B, owning up to the decisions she made by following The Governor and committing to becoming a strong member of this new version of our group. What are some other moments that stick out to you this week as we get ready for the next episode?"

Seeing the car that kidnapped Beth! I really didn't think it would address that problem this episode, but that's what I love about surprises. So Daryl & Carol have now gone looking for Beth, and Bob has been taking by The Hunters... Father Gabriel is just in a bad position right now.


Judging by previews for the upcoming "Four Walls and a Roof" Sasha is gunning for Gabriel and definitely believes he had something to do with Bob's disappearance. She seems to think Daryl and Carol are with him, I can't wait to see them go after Beth!

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