12/03/2012 03:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Words That Shaped Last Week: "Bangs," "Powerball," and " Liz & Dick "

By Vanity Fair


For your edification, a look back at the phrases, nouns, and neologisms that have, for better or for worse, shaped the week's national discourse.

In memoriam: Bazooka Joe, 1950something-2012.

Bangs[bangz], noun: A frontal fringe of hair, such as in the case of Kate Middleton, who debuted a shorter, side-swept, Richard Ward-designed style that may or may not indicate (impending) pregnancy.

Powerball [pow-er-bahl], noun: The only lottery from which we are all richer (spiritually) for having made the acquaintance of Missouri's Mark and Cindy Hill, high-school sweethearts, adoptive parents, pun enthusiasts, and très nouveau money.

Film students [film stoo-dints], noun: A not-necessarily-photogenic demographic that will, instead of the usual troupe of models, be responsible for handing Oscar winners their little gold men at this year's ceremony.

Lunch [lunch], noun: A synonym for quasi-obligatory public suffering, according to Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

Punch [punch], verb: To hit forcefully with one's first; to teach an almost certainly litigious blond psychic a lesson she'll never forget at Avenue after the Justin Bieber concert.

Liz & Dick [liz nd dick], noun: An ironically celebrated vehicle for Lindsay Lohan's unintentionally hilarious role as "girl who forgot to buy a Halloween costume but owned a lot of black eyeliner and some faux furs so just decided at the last minute to go as Liz Taylor, whom she doesn't even really like, necessarily."

Jeff Zucker [jef zuck-er], noun: CNN Worldwide's newly named (Donald Trump-approved!) president who does not actually seem to be all that great at running television networks, but who knows.

Angus T. Jones [ayng-us tee jownz], noun: The myopic, arch-Christian "half" of Two and a Half Men whose maxim to fans to stop watching the show has likely burned a million and a half bridges at CBS.

Curiosity [kyroor-e-os-I-tee], noun: A little space rover in need of a big attitude adjustment, frankly.

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