04/07/2014 08:00 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

North Carolina's Amendment One May Be Struck Down

America's Judiciary is not always the most timely. It took years of civil rights violations before we finally gave people of color rights.

Sadly, we have seen the newest form of segregation, where marriage is concerned. We queers have been legislated out of being able to legally bind our love for one another. We have been given a separate fountain to drink from.

On Sunday, Greensboro's News and Record reported that, "If a federal appeals court follows the national trend, North Carolina's ban on same-sex marriage could be upended this year.

"Next month, three judges from the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear a case that could radically change the legal landscape for same-sex couples in a state that passed the nation's last voter-approved block to gay unions."

According to the article, "Over the past year and with stunning speed, states as varied as Kentucky to Utah have overturned marriage bans or agreed to recognize legal unions from other states.

"Now, less than three years after it was put in place, North Carolina's Amendment One also appears in jeopardy."

Many in the Queer community and our advocates are cautious hoping that the Federal Court of Appeals will do the right thing and call Amendment One and it's next of kin unconstitutional.

Some thought it might take decades to repeal the harmful anti-queer/gay marriage amendments sprouting up all over our Nation.

Maybe, just maybe, justice will come more swiftly.

Only time will tell.