05/02/2014 05:30 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

One Comedian Takes Gay Selfies to Task

Comedian Phillip Henry has had about enough of gay men and their selfies.

Phillip released a YouTube video that makes that pretty clear. And it is funny too. His parody calls out those in the community that are seemingly obsessed with photoing themselves.

The short parody is filled with uncited facts about the connection between a gay man's insecurity and the hashtags they use. If confirmable, the facts presented in the video are true gems.

Phillip told me:

The video is about taking a concept and idea -- in this case it was gay men and the obsession with selfies -- and getting the message across in a way that was funny and easily recognizable. What is more recognizable than Sarah McLachlan and those sad-ass puppies? I'd often made standup jokes about it and wanted to put them in video form.

So now here is the real question: are people who post selfies insecure or are the critics? This is an interesting conversation that more people have had privately than publicly. That was until this video was released.

See the video below.