09/11/2013 03:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Top 50 Most Valuable Sports Franchises Visualized by Longevity and Success


Visual agency Column Five has taken the Forbes's list of the 50 most valuable sports teams in the world and done with it what they do best, visualize it.

The interactive piece lays teams out on axes of championships won and positions them against their number of years in existence. Much how Barry Petchesky of Deadspin puts it, "It's good to be good, and it's good to be old."

Interestingly enough, the interactive graph shows just how many sports franchises cluster towards the bottom of the Y-axis, indicating an immense amount of sports teams who have won none or close to no championships.

The full interactive graphic is available here, including nearly every NFL team, a host of soccer and MLB clubs and a sprinkling of NBA, F1 and NHL teams that made the list.







American Football:


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