05/25/2011 07:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

"We Will Not Eat if it Means Payment For Education"

Several posts back, I introduced our amazing contributors Ben and Beatrice Oryang, who are both professors of education at a teacher's college in Uganda. If you missed that post, I urge you to go back and read about these two people. In brief, Ben and Beatrice are the true pearls of Uganda because of their commitment to not only inspire their nation but to their own extended family as well as their communities.

If it means the Oryang family, including their extended family orphaned by unimaginable events, goes hungry for a week so the children can stay in school, then those bellies will be uncomfortable but their minds will be fed. Both parents are firm believers in the power of education and are dedicated to ensuring knowledge does not escape youthful minds. Beatrice was once overheard saying, "We will not eat if it means we can't pay for school fees!" And she meant it. She has become a role model and an inspiration to budding educators.

According to the World Bank and EFA Global Monitoring Report:

"There is good evidence to suggest that the quality of education -- as measured by test scores -- has an influence upon the speed with which societies can become richer and the extent to which individuals can improve their own productivity and incomes ... research shows high private returns to primary education, as long as it is measured in terms of attainment of basic skills and not years in spent in schools."

Photo by Vivian Glyck

Envision the children of Uganda with bellies and minds full. The reality of this vision can lift entire communities up and out of the cycle of poverty. Just Like My Child glows when these youthful minds shine and when people like Ben and Beatrice relentlessly encourage education.

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