10/13/2014 03:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Love Conquers Hate in Do-Over Wedding

Love Conquers Hate

Their nuptials nightmare turned into a dream wedding thanks to some very thoughtful people in Coronado, California.

Oscar de Las Salas and Gary Jackson just wanted a quiet wedding on Coronado, but on August 17, the beautiful ceremony at Coronado Ferry Landing in Centennial Park overlooking San Diego Bay and the City of San Diego turned ugly when a man started shouting epithets and hate speech from the balcony of the luxury condominiums next door.


The site of the original wedding -- the Coronado Ferry Landing -- before the grooms' world titled sideways. (Photo (c) Walter G. Meyer, 2014

Coronado resident Alisa Kerr heard about the story on the news and recruited some friends to try to make it right.

She didn't want the newlyweds, their guests or the world to think all of Coronado was full of hate. They set out to throw them a party, but had no idea how quickly that party would grow in scope and grandeur.

Upon hearing of the kind gesture of Kerr and her friends, residents and businesses rushed to help.

Loews Coronado Bay Resort offered to host the renewed ceremony for 300 people for free and caterers, florists and musicians have volunteered to help. Even the cake and champagne were donated by local merchants who wanted to do right by the couple. Coronado Mayor Casey Tanaka offered to perform the ceremony and did. Some of the couples friends who were unable to attend the first wedding were able to make it to this one and many of the guests didn't know the couple, but had either donated something to the wedding or wanted to come out and show their support.

The second ceremony was met with nothing but cheers from the onlookers. Police are investigating whether the rude actions constitute a hate crime. The hateful heckler has yet to be identified, but whether he is found the happy couple has been able to enjoy a truly happy wedding day.