08/26/2014 12:32 pm ET Updated Oct 26, 2014

The 60 People You'll Find at Every Wedding

Greg Ceo via Getty Images

1. The drunk uncle.
2. The weeping sorority sister.
3. The guy who's just trying to get some.
4. The wild children who will not sit still.
5. The people who are only there for the food.
6. The couple who keeps taking selfies.
7. The girl who really thinks she can dance.
8. The girls who actually can't dance. But they can JUMP! A LOT!
9. The guy who can't stop sweating.
10. The girl (probably someone's new girlfriend) who forgot the bottom half of her dress.
11. The hot waiter/waitress.
12. The bridesmaid/groomsman who hits on the hot waiter/waitress.
13. The wedding crashers that certainly do NOT look like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.
14. The cougar mom who keeps trying to mack on all the young guys (conversely: the groomsman who keeps trying to hit on all the moms).
15. The guy who gets way too excited when he hears the song Shout.
16. The guy who is still pissed that the wedding is happening during the [insert college sporting event here.]
17. The PDA couple on the dance floor.
18. The girl who turns the bouquet toss into a wrestling match.
19. The guys who start a mosh pit even though this is clearly not a metal concert.
20. The 80-year-old aunt who wears all the photo booth swag -- sunglasses, glow necklaces, crazy hats -- all at once.
21. That guy who thinks he's strong enough to lift the chair during the Hora.
22. Your college friends who make your sorority hand sign in every single photo.
23. That girl who wears a white dress (also probably someone's new girlfriend).
24. Your family friend who jumps up on stage and dances with the band -- for way too long.
25. The guy your best friend just started dating who doesn't know anyone and looks really uncomfortable the whole time.
26. The guy who keeps trying to take his shirt off.
27. The guy who's on his fifth helping while everyone else is dancing.
28. The person who requests Call Me Maybe.
29. The person who requests Party in the USA.
30. Anyone who requests YMCA, Electric Slide or the Cha Cha Slide.
31. The recently (or maybe not-so-recently) married guest who starts every sentence with "Well, at my wedding..."
32. The little kids in their pajamas who are "just there to say goodnight."
33. Your mom's best friend who really, really, REALLY wants to do the Macarena.
34. The bro who keeps asking the bartender for shots.
35. That girl who will definitely need a lift home.
36. The groomsmen who jumps into the pool. Fully-dressed.
37. The people who write inside jokes that no one understands in the guest book.
38. The guys (or girls) who stalk the servers to get first dibs on the passed apps.
39. Your 16-year-old cousin who is so bored.
40. Your 13-year-old cousin who won't stop texting.
41. The guy who thinks his speech is REALLY funny (but no one else does).
42. The great-aunt who sticks dinner rolls in her purse.
43. The great-uncle who keeps winking and asking about the wedding night.
44. Your mom's bridge club friends who start taking the centerpieces home, even though they aren't really up for grabs.
45. Your 8-year-old cousin who wants to perform a ballet solo during the reception.
46. The photobooth hogs.
46. The "so when are you going to have baby?" ladies.
47. The guy who says "This is my JAM!" about every single song.
48. The drunk groomsman who tries to follow you into your send-off limo.
49. Your work friends who start talking about Monday morning's presentation in the middle of the toasts.
50. The girl who accidentally shows up wearing the same dress as your bridesmaids.
51. The girl who is totally wearing the dress she wore as a bridesmaid in the last wedding she was in.
52. The people who start eating the cake before it is cut or served.
53. The people who arrive already wasted.
54. The guy who starts the conga line.
55. The person that laughs really loudly during the speeches.
56. The person who brings a giant gift and awkwardly carries it around before finding the gift table.
57. The newly gluten-free girl who keeps asking if there's a vegetarian option.
58. The guest who asks for a to-go box for their meal.
59. The Instagram-obsessed paparazzi.
60. And finally: The friends and family whose love and support is the very thing that carried you to this day in the first place.

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