11/13/2011 09:35 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Panama's Magnetic Spirit (VIDEO)

Panama's cultural energy is magnetic. Our friend Nalden teamed up with the creative minds at Dough'Nut Productions to shoot an incredible video of their visit.

Commissioned by National Geographic, they were tasked with showing Panama's vivid culture and one of its most interesting structures, the Panama Canal. They did an excellent job. The video captures the people, their spirit and the region in a way that compels you to visit.

As Joppe Rog from Dough'Nut describes, "Panama is known for the Panama Canal, which allows the crossing between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. But this country has much more to offer than this intercontinental transport hub. It has an abundance of nature, culture and entertainment. And even though we were there for only 6 days, we were able to see a lot."

Watch the video below.

Words: Taj Reid
Photography and Video: Nalden and Dough'nut Productions for National Geographic.

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