06/24/2013 04:11 pm ET Updated Aug 24, 2013

More Accurate Names for the Slip 'n Slide

Slip 'n Cry

Slip 'n Whine

Slip 'n Jack Up the Water Bill

Slip 'n Chafe

Slip 'n Bruise

Slip 'n OMG It's Killing the F-in Lawn

Slip 'n Rip

Slip 'n Tear

Slip 'n Patch with Duct Tape Again

Slip 'n Ouch

Slip 'n Blech

Slip 'n Swallow Foot Water

Slip 'n Possible Class Action Lawsuit Against Wham-O, Inc.

Slip 'n Get a Coccyx Injury

Slip 'n Get a Leg Rash

Slip 'n Get a Head Wound

Slip 'n Let's Just Pour Vodka On Saran Wrap Next Time Because This Thing's Crap

Slip 'nto Depression