01/30/2014 12:24 pm ET Updated Apr 01, 2014

Pick-Up Lines My 6-Year-Old Son Uses to Impress Much Older Waitresses

Did you know that I'm 6 years old? I need to use two hands to show you that many fingers.

Look, I can write my whole name... with lowercase letters.

Thanks for the chips. By the way, did you see what a good eater I was?

Yeah, I'm in kindergarten. It's pretty cool, I guess. Kind of intense.

Look! I finished my spaghetti! Clean plate club, aw yeah.

Him? That's my brother. He's only in preschool. He's still just learning his colors. By the way, I like your RED shirt and BLACK pants today.

So, Lindsey P., think you'd like to come to my playroom and see my lightsaber some time?