05/28/2013 11:15 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Piece Movement

I don't know about you, but when someone opens a 500 piece puzzle, pours it out on the table and says, "Let's begin ..." I first have to look at the big picture on the front of the box. Once I can get an idea of what the big picture is, the pieces aren't so overwhelming.2013-05-24-EducationUnpluggedlogo.jpg

Starting Friday, June 7, Education Unplugged 101 will pour the pieces "out of the box." This is a 12-week course offered through this blog here on The Huffington Post where we'll look at the big picture by sifting through the pieces of education. We'll take into account the pieces we recognize and those we don't. We'll be looking for those corner pieces and edges of the puzzle that help to begin the framework of this blueprint for an experiential education in the 21st century.

The monetary cost to participate in the course is free. Your investment in this course is your time, thought and input. The return can be huge -- huge for you, your family and generations to come.

This 12-week course will start fitting those squiggle-dy pieces together which we'll call, "game changers." These include: longevity, augmented realities, neuroplasticity, the internet, online educational options, multi-generational education, social networks, innovative tuition models, educational crowd funding and micro gifting, world campuses and a global faculty. This is a big, big puzzle to put together!

This course opens conversations utilizing media and technology where all of us can participate in piecing this puzzle together. Throughout the course we keep our focus on each piece ultimately building up to a recognition of the big picture. Throughout the 12-week course, you will be a critical piece of the puzzle through your participation in this part of our history.

The face of humanity is changing and education in the 21st century must mirror this change. We'll explore how to piece together humanity's new face with technology, while balancing the intellect with the heart. All these pieces are naturally interlocking wisdom and compassion with a conscious immediacy.

Sign up and participate! Invite your networks, friends and family to participate in this course, Education Unplugged 101. You'll recognize the three R's of education: Rethinking, Rewriting and Revolutionizing with the addition of the fourth R, Relating, as we work together to open source an educational blueprint.

As we race to the top in education let the race include all of our pieces, in connection and partnership. Let the race to the top be a race of compassion, mindfulness, exploration, imagination, cooperation, and innovation. And let's make the race to the top be the top of the world where we can join at the finish line to share our peace with each other.

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