04/14/2011 06:27 pm ET Updated Jun 14, 2011

Real Women Wear Leopard Print

Ignore that headline. I've never liked the "real women" concept. If "real women have curves," are less-curvy women imaginary? We're still pitting one kind of woman against another. For lack of a better term, your "real woman" is my "fashion civilian," meaning her appearance isn't a key part of her job: she's not a model, actress, Condé Nast fashion editor, news anchor, cheerleader or reality television star. She can still enjoy fashion, however, and she can start a fashion blog to share her interest with like-minded people. Some trends simply bubble up among fashion bloggers, such as this year's red tights and pants. Other times, the photos that pop up on blogs are the result of planning. Sheila Wenham of Ephemera, inspired by a vintage dress of mine, organized "Leopard Week." Participants showed off their leopard (and ocelot and cheetah) spots, which ranged from head-to-toe looks to more subtle touches such as manicures and shoes. The women represent a range of ages, shapes and budgets... but they're all real!

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