10/28/2014 06:24 pm ET Updated Dec 28, 2014

A Psychic's Perspective: Let's Be Kind to Ghosts This Halloween

Tis the season for ghouls and goblins and things that go bump in the night. And as may be expected, the subject of ghosts is getting a lot of television and Internet airtime through a variety of programs and news stories. Many of the so-called ghost hunter shows seem to exaggerate or sensationalize the subject matter to heighten the fear factor or deliberately create an aura of eeriness. But are these types of ghost shows doing a service or disservice to the topic of ghosts? As a longtime psychic, I would like to make a plea on behalf of all ghosts for our consideration.

First, we should make the distinction between a "spirit" and a "ghost" since the two terms are so frequently used interchangeably. A spirit is human soul energy that -- by virtue of the dying process -- has divorced itself from its physical body and successfully transitioned to the spirit world, also known as Heaven. In other words, a spirit is where it's supposed to be. A ghost, on the other hand, is also human soul energy that has left its body but for a myriad of reasons has not successfully transitioned to the Heavenly realm and is, instead, "stuck" or earthbound.

In my work as a psychic, I encounter both spirits and ghosts. Because of their high-vibration, upper-tier locale, spirits are light and loving and focused on communicating positive messages to their family and friends who are missing them. In the spirit world, there are no low-vibration, negative emotions such a jealousy, revenge or selfishness. While a spirit retains aspects of its human personality, they now enjoy 360-degree vision such that they are aware of their faults and shortcomings when in human form, and will often accept responsibility for such.

Ghosts are different because they are one step removed from functioning in what we perceive as our dimensional reality. Because, unlike spirits, they have not transitioned, ghosts can still retain disturbing and distressing human emotions. Sometimes a human soul will not transition immediately due to a very sudden, unexpected or tragic passing that causes temporary confusion or disorientation. This generally passes within anywhere from a few days to a few weeks at most. But in my psychic experience, I tend to attract another breed of ghosts.

Maybe it's because I've worked on the periphery of the mental health field for nearly 30 years, but I often channel the ghosts of angry young men who were addicts, alcoholics, abusers, murderers or who were murdered, or who committed suicide or otherwise overdosed -- and I allow them to come through. I grant permission to channel them despite their bitterness or rage, and despite the foul language that I am compelled to use because it feels like a sneeze that has to come out (and amid my embarrassment, their family and friends always confirm, "That's exactly how he talked!").

I receive these angry young men because I care. I allow for them to come through because I have tremendous compassion for them. And I treat them with respect and sensitivity. Here's where I take exception to all the ghost programs that have a very confrontational approach intended to provoke a reaction (i.e. "Show yourself!"). Remember, we're talking about human souls who struggled in human form and are still continuing to struggle. They require a kinder, gentler approach.

Recently, a photojournalist created a video that demonstrates my approach to interacting with an angry young man in ghost form. I'm hoping it will set a standard and create a new awareness -- especially at this time of year -- for all those who only know of ghosts in the traditional moaning, wailing and chain-rattling stereotype.