05/28/2007 09:25 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Welcome to the Huffington Post's Living Now Page

I like to think of Living Now as the "front page" of our lives, with breaking news about -- and fresh takes on -- life's issues... big and small. Irreverent, and informative, Living Now will bring you the ideas, arguments, products and people shaping our lives today. What we need to know. What we're all talking about. What we really want to know more about. Living Now helps us make sense of life in the 21st century with an eye on who we are, how we live, and where we are headed next.

We'll cover relationships, health, parenting, fitness, fashion, travel, food, and so much more. And do so in a way that is relevant, useful, and fun. It's all about connecting the dots.

For instance: There are some things in life we just know are true. Now science, it seems, is proving our hunches right.

Babies are the most amazing creatures. Recently scientists have discovered some extraordinary capabilities of infants. They"re quite brilliant, really. They can identify different languages, read lips, and differentiate rhythms.

Health is more important than wealth. A day at the beach, a yoga class, or doing something good for someone else feels so good it just has to be good for you. There is new evidence pointing to the restorative powers of a day at the beach. Neurologists say practicing yoga may boost neurotransmitters that reduce depression and anxiety. In other words, the sun salutation works as an anti-depressant that doesn"t require swallowing a pill. Scientists at the NIH discovered that the feel good affect of generosity is as basic to the brain as a response to food or sex. We are hard-wired to be altruistic.

Being connected 24/7 via Blackberries, cell phones, laptops, even iPods has got to have a downside. Here, the science isn't clear yet, but psychologists are beginning to suspect multi-tasking across multiple devices sends our stress levels soaring. That's probably a no brainer. We've all been there...the body is getting away from "it all", but the mind and spirit are still on the job. Sometimes the only way to recharge is to pull the plug.

Shoe shopping is good for the soul. Well, I haven't seen the science on that so far, but the new 8500 square foot shoe department at Saks Fifth Avenue -- so big it even has its own zip code 10022-SHOE -- will certainly provide a vibrant laboratory.

These are just some of the types of stories we'll be covering here at Living Now. Let us know what you think of the page and what kinds of things you'd like to see more of (and less of!) We hope you'll make Living Now a regular destination. And, that you'll tell your friends to come have a look.