05/17/2013 11:51 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Family Planning Advancing Gender Equality

Women and organizations across the globe are increasingly coming together to celebrate the economic, political, and social achievements of women and to further advance gender equality. In Guatemala, where WINGS is based, there remains much work to be done. Guatemala is ranked a dismally low 116 out of 135 countries for gender equality, on par with Jordan and Zambia.
At WINGS, we strongly believe that family planning is crucial to supporting the gender equality of Guatemalan women.

Family planning education for a Guatemalan teen helps her delay her first pregnancy, stay in school, and secure the job that gives her economic independence. Family planning helps a Guatemalan woman limit her pregnancies, assuring that she can afford to send her daughters to school rather than keeping them home to care for younger siblings, and giving those same daughters a better chance at realizing their dreams.


Alva at a WINGS family planning clinic

Alva is one of these women. She is 24-year-old home economics teacher with a three year old son. Alva is studying social work and hopes to someday work for a non-profit organization helping children. Right now she doesn't want to risk getting pregnant again because she wants to finish her studies. Alva uses a family planning method subsidized by WINGS to help make her dream a reality.

By supporting WINGS, you can help empower Alva and thousands of women like her. See our project page to make a donation today! WINGS congratulates you for your part in advancing equality across the globe. On behalf of women like Alva, thank you!