05/07/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Pirated Wolverine Review Puts Fox Newser's Job on the Line

The problem is that the movie won't be released until May, and Friedman was reviewing an unfinished "work copy" that got leaked to the Web last week amid much hubub. It does wax on about how easy it is to watch pirated stuff on the Web these days. 2

Despite reports he was fired for reviewing a pirated copy of Wolverine, Fox News columnist Roger Friedman will have a chance to argue for his job, a Fox News source said. Friedman is set to meet tomorrow with Fox News chief Roger Ailes and John Moody, the news network's executive vice president for editorial, the source said. Friedman will have a chance to plead his case, but the meeting could well end with the columnist losing his job. The freelance columnist based his comments on an unfinished version of the movie that leaked onto the internet last week. The studio complained corporate sibling Fox News, according to Nikki Finke, and parent company News Corp. publicly condemned the review and requested its removal. Finke wrote that Ailes then fired Friedman, a development seemingly confirmed by a statement News Corp. supplied to the New York Times, reading, "Fox News... terminated Mr. Friedman". 1
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