05/25/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Oracle Brass Coax Sun Troops With Tough Love

In the short term, however, Oracle claims it can wring $1.5 billion in profit from Sun this year and $2 billion the next. Doubtless more heads will roll as a result of Oracle's Sun acquisition, but at least some of them won't be on these shores. 2

Exclusive Oracle's senior management has expressed its love for Sun Microsystems' software and hardware but warned tough decisions are coming on what people and products stay. President Charles Phillips and chief corporate architect Edward Screven have committed to keeping Java open and to not killing MySQL. They also mocked the idea Oracle would simply shut down or close off certain technologies and talked tough on Oracle's smarts as a hardware vendor. While expressing his admiration for Sun's engineering talent during the event, Phillips said that it's too early to know which staff would be getting chopped or will stay with Oracle, but that cuts are coming. Screven, a 23-year Oracle veteran who reports directly to chief executive Larry Ellison, threw out one bone, noting a large number of Oracle employees have joined through its four-year long acquisition spree. 1
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