11/27/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Help Victims of Typhoon "Ondoy"

The world knows how the Philippines is now suffering as a consequence of typhoon “Ondoy” that ravished the country. Up to this writing, so many people are stuck on houses’ rooftops and remain to be rescued yet. People have lost their homes, loved ones are separated, and refugees are everywhere.

The Eastern Province Basketball League (EPBL) is mobilizing its members and officers.  EPBL will start collecting donations and relief goods from OFWs in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia for the typhoon’s victims.
Due to the urgent need of our countrymen EPBL suggests of giving out cash donations.  Through your cash generosities, our donations will be transmitted swiftly and hopefully ease the burden of our fellow Filipinos in time when they needed it most.  Although donating relief goods is also encouraged, but it may take awhile before we can collate, pack, and send. The following are most urgent need items:  
Medicines:Paracetamol, antibiotics, analgesic, oral rehydration salts, multivitamins and medications to treat diarrhea diseases.
Non-food items:Bath soaps, face towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, plastic mats, blankets, mosquito nets, socks, jerry cans, water containers, water purification tablets, plastic sheetings, and laundry soap.  
We do not accept rotten, damaged, expired or decayed goods.  Though we appreciate your generosity, EPBL also discourages donations of old clothes.
Please collate your donations and bring to Al-Ettifaq Club gymnasium, Sports City Dammam on Friday, 2 October 2009. Last day of collecting donations will be on Friday, 9 October 2009.
For your donations, please contact the following EPBL officials:
Jun Sanchez            - 03-8730424
Rey Liclican             - 0551211497
Edwin Caliboso         - 0502144500
Romeo Navidad         - 0502492696

EPBL Email Address    -