02/28/2012 11:22 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Photos: Fashion Beyond the Red Carpet

Ryan Smith, World Vision USA's Assoc/Assign Editor, posted a photo-blog of children modeling fashions from around the world.

Oscar buzz often has less to do with film awards than with the pageantry of the event -- especially what the stars wear on the red carpet.

In honor of the Academy Awards this weekend, World Vision celebrates our stars -- children -- and their cultural pageantry and expressive styles of dress.

2012-02-27-D410015341_348563.JPG ©2011 Le Thiem Xuan/World Vision

Books -- a girl's best accessory. These girls from Vietnam wear traditional dresses made by their mothers to school every day.

2012-02-27-3D16505162crop.jpg ©2012 Jon Warren/World Vision

Rebecca Teron strikes her best runway pose for the arrival of her sponsor in India.

2012-02-27-4D3050050359crop.jpg ©2007 Jon Warren/World Vision

She could dance all night! Liz Naupas Pacheco performs in a children's folk dance group in Peru, showcasing the natural grace and history of her community.

2012-02-27-6D030034163cccrop.jpg ©2009 Jonathan Gomes/World Vision

Every girl needs a tiara, and Surovi Halder showcases hers while dancing at cultural festivals and celebrations in Bangladesh.

2012-02-27-7D240004009crop.jpg ©2009 Alyssa Bistonath/World Vision

Karatoumau Dembele, from Mali, carries off a bold mix of bright and colorful patterns commonly worn in her community.

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