08/27/2012 03:00 pm ET Updated Aug 27, 2012

Reclaim Your Heart

I've always been too sensitive. Every scratch scared me. Every letdown left me broken. At some point I began to realize that there must be something I was doing wrong. I felt like life was a long, elaborate game, and I hadn't properly learned the rules. I felt that somewhere there was a lesson that I hadn't yet learned.

So I started to search.

I started to ask. But I didn't ask or search on my own accord. You might call mine a forced education. With each new heartbreak, I was forced to look deeper into why. I was forced to look deeper into why it hurt so much -- into what I was missing. I was searching. I was falling. I was learning. And along the way I was always writing. With each fall, each lesson, each time I felt powerless -- or powerful -- I wrote. Sometimes I wrote poetry. Sometimes I wrote essays. But for years, I wrote.

I slowly began to learn where my own problem lied. I was giving my heart away to everything, until there was nothing left. As I grew spiritually, I also began to realize that I was not alone. I discovered that there were so many others who were just like me. There were many people who lived their lives entrapped by the same repeated patterns of heartbreak and disappointment that I did. And often, just like me, they had no idea why this happened or how to break free.

So earlier this year, I started to compile my writings. And recently, the collection of those writings was published into a book called, Reclaim Your Heart. This is not just a self-help book. It is about the journey of the heart in and out of the sometimes destructive ocean of life. It is a manual on how to empower the heart by freeing it from the slavery of perpetual disappointment and pain. It is about redemption, about hope, about renewal. It is a book about escaping life's most deceptive traps by providing a new perspective on love, loss, happiness, and pain. Reclaim Your Heart was intended to help readers protect their most prized possession -- the heart -- and live in this life without allowing this life to own them.

What I learned from my own experience is that every heart can heal, and each moment is created to bring us closer to that transformative return. Reclaim Your Heart is about finding that moment when everything stops and suddenly looks different. It is about finding your own awakening. And then returning to the better, truer, and freer version of yourself.