07/17/2014 04:00 pm ET

5 Awesome Web Resources for Free Business Courses

At Fundastic, we believe knowledge is the most powerful tool for business owners. The following 5 websites have great educational content for small business owners and most of them are completely free.

1) Score Workshops
SCORE (Service Corps Of Retired Executives) is a non-profit organization and offers many recorded webinars from industry experts who share their experience and knowledge with the business owner community. The webinars cover a wide range of topics and are a great place to learn practical knowledge of different aspects of running a business.

2) SBA Small Business Learning Center The SBA has established a learning center for small business owners and has a lot of free relevant content -- from starting a business, business financing, to government contracting. If you are interested in any SBA-related program, this is a great learning resource.

3) Coursera Coursera is the place for free online courses. They offer hundreds of college level courses for free, and they offer a lot of great business courses taught by great professors across the country. They currently offer over 70 business courses. It's a great place to learn foundational knowledge for economics, finance, and accounting.

4) Udemy Udemy is a marketplace for online video courses. A lot of industry experts offer their courses for a low price (Udemy regularly offers coupons for 50+% off), and there are also a lot of free courses. It takes a little of bit of effort to find the right business courses, but there are some great gems, such as the Basics of Starting an Online Business course.

5) Khan Academy Lastly, Khan Academy is another great free online resource for business classes. They are known for their math and science education, but they also have pretty good content for economics and finance, as well as entrepreneur interviews.

If you have suggestions for other great free online courses for entrepreneurs. Leave a comment and let us know!