09/09/2013 06:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

From the Runway to Everyday

It's Fashion Week in New York City! As a New York City hairdresser, this week means that I have a special opportunity to create new and exciting ways for my clients to wear their hair -- inspired by and in celebration of the runway. Whether I style an oversized, textured braid for a front row guest or a sleek pompadour for a fashion editor, it is a week in which I get to expand beyond the daytime blow dry and really get creative.

Three of my favorite looks to play with during fashion week can be amped up for the runway or toned down for an evening out. And many are inspired by the past, but can be individualized and altered for a very current feel.

1. Finger waves. What makes this deco style so sultry is the focus that each wave's peak brings to the eyes, cheeks and lips. It is also a versatile look that can be worn tightly combed to the head for an edge or brushed out for romantic volume. Just be sure the waves are completely dry with a non-flaking product before brushing them out. White caps look nice on waves in the ocean, but not in your hair.

2. Pin curls. These are not your grandmother's pin curls. My modern approach to pin curls is to use the technique to set a voluminous blow dry. The size of the round brush I use and the tightness of the pinned coil determines whether I achieve defined curls with bounce or loose waves with fluid movement. I love the look of pin curls all in place - very editorial. And there is nothing more feminine than dropping a full head of curls and shaking them out.

3. Slicked down. This look has been in the background for a while, as long flowing hair has taken center stage in day to day styling. But it always reappears on the runways. So if you're feeling lost behind the length and want your natural beauty to be the focus for an evening, slick it! For long hair, try a just-off-center part and low knot. On short crops, opt for a deep side part and let the asymmetry be the biggest statement. And don't forget a strong hold product or spray!

Don't be afraid to request any of these looks in your next appointment. Even if it's not Fashion Week! Every week is a good week for a little runway glamour!