08/30/2016 03:12 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2017

Don't Vote For An Asshole This November

The road to the November election has been paved with controversy. From conspiracy theories about Hillary's health, to massive email leaks, right through to Trump's campaign CEO facing numerous allegations, it doesn't appear things are going to get better.

As we trudge toward the election there is an underlying sentiment that we need to make America great again. This idea purports a new "greater" America built upon the timeless ideals of xenophobia, bigotry, and outrage. Things are worse than ever and those of you looking to be saved by Batman, give up hope. It's time to give into outrage, it's time to elect an asshole for President.

Travis Richey is here to remind us that there's an "asshole" marching ominously toward the White House. While calling Trump an "asshole" is a schoolyard tactic, Trump's campaign deserves to be highlighted for spreading the fear and hatred, and doing so as a political tactic. After all, this is a candidate who suggested his supporters assassinate his opponent.

Now's the time to course correct. We need to stop feeding into outrage. Vote using reason and sensibility in the November election. It's time to reject the politics of despair and unite around our differences.

There are very serious issues in America that warrant being upset about, but voting angry isn't the solution.

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