09/14/2012 01:13 pm ET Updated Nov 14, 2012

Biking the Bay: The Paradise Loop

Yo, wanna take a ride through Marin? Lets take it nice and easy... Real nice and precise like... No hills, no problems, lots of fun. Welcome to the intersection of Tea Berry Lane and Paradise.

The Paradise Loop

Distance: 40 Miles
The Challenge: Not getting spoiled
The Reward: Paradise
What to Bring: A good sense of humor

All right riders, we gonna roll out of the city via the usual. Make your way across Golden Gate Bridge and enjoy Alexander Ave on your way into Sausalito. Ahhhh, Sausalito, the most pleasant place on Earth... behind Tiburon... where you are headed. How sweet of Nor Cal to prep you with a bougie warm up!

Using the Mill Valley bike path, cross the Pickleweed Inlet (Bay vets, did you know that's what it's called?) out of our September fog and into their September sun. At CA 131 / Tiburon Blvd take a Roger Rabbit and keep the ocean on your derailleur. Continue down the 131 until you hit the Angel Island Ferry building. Take a look around or stop for some nourishment. You're halfway through the loop, fuel up!

Circle the edge of the roundabout onto the shoreline path and cruise for a mile or two. Soon, the perfectly paved bike trail will merge back onto the street, but do not fret... You're in the place where asphalt never cracks and views never suck. Paradise Drive.

Dream up ways to make your next million on your journey along the coast. There are few homes on the road and, therefore, not much traffic. Undisturbed, it's easy to get lost in thought, pedaling as needed up and down earth's imperfections. By the end of it, you'll be laughing, wondering how nobody has screwed this up yet... As the nine miles conclude, the cars on Tamalpais Drive bring you back to reality.

Cross over the 101 and ride into Corte Madera. Work your way south onto Camino Alto and find yourself in familiar territory. Take the Mill Valley bike path back towards home. Perhaps, grab a (veggie) cheeseburger in paradise to ease the transition back to your relatively tough life in the city.

Keep the rubber side down, SF.

Check out the full route here.