06/13/2013 02:26 pm ET Updated Aug 13, 2013

Your Grateful Inhabitant

Dear World,

I am writing this letter to you in order to ask of you to stop treating each other with so much hatred. I agree that our leaders have not provided us with any comfort and have made us work even harder for that which our constitutions have declared our right, but that by no means has given you a right to ignore the needs of your neighbors, friends and loved ones. Reach out to them, hold them, let them know that life will be okay.

As small children we fear nothing, we reach for the stars and hope to see galaxies beyond the ones we are in, but before we can even take our flight to those stars we are shot down by those who love us. We were born normal, are normal and will continue to be normal. Those stars, those famous people, let them take the risks -- you by no means need to jeopardize your normal future. We live like this, and then we die like this.

Now imagine this, World. Everyone took a risk, everyone decided to take that flight to the stars, then there would be no one left. The stars are plenty, each of us can have our own, and that is the greatest gift of the universe. With the light of our stars we can pave our path, and direct our lives to a garden full of happiness. it will only be then that no right will be ignored, and no stomach will be empty.

Always remind yourselves that the wealth of this World does not lie in the hands of the billionaires; rather it lies in the hearts of each of its inhabitants. You see a hungry kid on the street, your heart melts for him, yet your brain does not allow you to reach out to him. It tells you that you are too young to make a difference, it tells you that you are not yet powerful enough. Then you grow up, your heart again melts for that hungry child, but your brain again reminds you of the lowliness of your being. Too many responsibilities, hardly any money. Finally you grow old, but you no more have a heart because like the rest of your body it grew weak. The World poisoned your brain, and slowly the poison spread throughout your body, and finally it crept into the heart and killed the wealth that lay inside of it.

Wake up before its too late, take your star before it lands in the hands of the wrong people. Reach for it, pluck it from the sky, and once its in your hands spread its light across this World, for your one light can brighten a thousand homes. Recognize your power, World, do not let them hold you captive.


Your grateful inhabitant