11/10/2009 05:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

J'Die: Demi Moore's (Ahem) Personal Trainer


Starring at this picture is like starring at a plastic dream. Demi Moore is in rare form on the cover of December's W Magazine. In this figure hugging Balenciaga number Moore, who celebrates her 47th birthday this week, is giving 22 year-old model, Anja Rubik, a serious run for her money. The mommy of three is literally as toned, sexy, and beautiful - if not more so than - the hot young blond to the right.

What kind of magic, luck, cream or chemical is this? Alas, perhaps it's none. Moore has been emphatic in her claim that no surgeon's knife or chemists needle has touched her body. And perhaps the world has just become way too cynical when it comes to hot older women. For all you know, Moore is blessed with the same thing Sharon Stone is: good genes. Yet if it ever emerges that these all natural beauties have in fact enlisted non-natural methods to maintain their sexy, I will rejoice. Work this good needs to be acknowledged, promoted and praised!

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[image via The Cut]