11/23/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

When Anna Wintour Wore Sweatshirts, Gold Lame and Mesh...

Anna Wintour: somewhere along the years her name became as synonymous with clean, classic, consistent chic as it has with Vogue, the magazine she oversees. So what a severe shock to the senses - and frankly, my spirit - to see our girl in the following photos.





These pics, which were sent to me via email by a friend, show a circa 1990s Wintour unabashedly wearing a color block skirt, sheer mesh top, gold lame, a sweat shirt, and overzealous accessories. I am very confident that when these shots were taken, these ensembles were the very height of fashion. But the ravages of time have rendered them, (oh how I agonize at saying this....) tacky.

And that's why I love the outfits. Or, more to the point: Anna Wintour wearing them.

Like the recent projects the legendary editor has fronted (The September Issue documentary and Fashions Night Out),  these photos of Wintour, a fashion Goddess, making the same style faux pas us mere mortals would, simply feels good - even if it doesn't look it.

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