12/12/2014 04:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Glassbaby: A #Worldpositive Company

Ever dream of traveling the country in a Ford Transit, spreading joy and good will by candle light? Well that is exactly what Williams College graduates Mericos Rhodes and Izzy Greer are doing with their glassroots tour. In 2015, glassybaby will give away $1 million dollars to nonprofit giving partners, so this tour is really about connecting with groups and individuals around the country that share glassybaby's mission of hope and healing, as they search for new charity partners to share their bounty with.

Gorgeous, hand-blown glassybaby vessels come in a stunning array of healing hues. Founded by Lee Rhodes, who in 1996 was raising three young children (roadtripper Mericos was one of those three) when she was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer. After a long, agonizing, and ultimately successful battle with the disease, Lee founded glassybaby. The core mission of the company was and still is to help alleviate the hardships that she saw less fortunate women struggling with, like being able to afford groceries and bus fare to get cancer treatments. Since 2003, the glassybaby white light fund has supported cancer care. As glassybaby has grown, the company has expanded its commitment to giving 10% of sales (not just profits) to organizations that protect the environment, animals, and veterans' health. But beyond donating, glassybaby empowers by hiring and training workers that might not find employment easily. This is what I call a #worldpositive company. Check out the new factory they are opening in Berkeley, California, where the 30 stops on the 4-month, nationwide roadshow will conclude.

On the road, Mericos and Izzy have connected with fellow artists and entrepreneurs whose work and ethos have inspired them and glassybaby as a company. Philanthropists like Jill Vedder, who started Babes Against Cancer -- a glassybaby giving partner -- are keeping them rolling forward. They are also hosting pop-up glassybaby sale events benefiting local non-profit organizations, so Their "mistletoe" will certainly last a lot longer than its wilting namesake... and might even get you more than a peck.

Check out the calendar and see more about the tour here.