05/11/2015 04:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Can You Be Speeding Up Your Time by Rushing Yourself?

Most of things we do in life, we do in order to get some sort of reward.

We work to get paid, we create to get recognition, we socialize to have friends and we love to be loved.

Those moments when we get what we want become defining moments of our lives.

And then we want to repeat them over and over, faster and better.

So we rush our actions and our time to get to our rewards sooner.

Meanwhile, the presence and consequently the time is escaping us.

By rushing ourselves, we are also speeding up time. We are basically deleting days, hours, minutes spend in between of the last satisfaction and the next one.

Isn't that the biggest waste of time?

Shouldn't we make the most out of every single day, hour and minute of our life?

I know that some jobs are very boring, even if very necessary.

I know there are moments when there is absolutely nothing else to do than just wait.

And I know we often find ourselves in situations which we would rather escape from.

BUT otherwise life is worth staying present for.

Life is beautiful, full of miracles and magic. There is so much more to explore, so many things to try, to see, to say, to feel.

One basic way to make the most out of your time is to stay present.

When you are present, you make less mistakes, you connect with people on deeper level, you are present to the life lessons you are learning, you understand your feelings and can steer away from toxic situations.

Being present doesn't mean to not allow yourself to dream or to not worry about the future. It just means to consciously try not to withdraw from life by mindless activities (which I'm not going to name, you know what you are doing).

Train yourself every day to:

1. Do one thing a day with full love and reverence.
Just one thing. Put your best into whatever you are doing. Do it as if it's for someone you love very much. It doesn't matter what that action is. It could be a simple thing like making a bed or cooking dinner or writing an email. Just go beyond and above your duty to do this thing magnificently.

2. Pay attention to your emotions, your energy state and the way your body feels.
Have a little conversation with yourself. It takes few minutes. You can do it while taking a shower, walking to work or waiting for your coffee. Your discomfort is trying to tell you something. Don't brush it off as unimportant. At the end of the day what is more important than your wellness?

3. Create a neutral space around you.
You can't avoid distractions. Sometimes they are coming straight from our chattering mind. But you can create a situation that is more conductive to creative work or deeper relaxation. One of the most effective ways is to play a neutral music. By that I mean music with a little emotion. Mantra music is perfect for that, but drums, electronic music or white noise work extremely well, as well. Anything that has a neutral frequency that doesn't pull you in by a strong emotions is perfect.

When you are in the moment, putting all your attention, all your love and emotions into what are you doing, you embed these emotions into your project. When people see your work they can feel that energy. What do you want them to feel? Rush or Love?

Life is not anything to waste or take lightly.


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