09/29/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

McCain's Sexing Up the Battle

Doctors, you'd better lock up your Viagra.

McCain has just sexed up the election for old conservatives everywhere and things are going to get hot.

His reported selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is a shock to the political machine, and the pundits must admit that in Palin, McCain has a woman, a mother (of five, good Lord!), a feminist and a beauty queen.

She has so many cards to play that she just may be the golden ticket to halt The ObamaPhenom.

For the women voters, she's a trooper, a go-getter, a strong voice for women's rights. For the rebuffed Hillary supporters, she's a reason to vote for McCain and still feel good about it.

For the Obama haters, she's the feisty eye candy that's all set to compete with the svelte, well-spoken senator who happens to be very easy on the ears and eyes.

And for Biden, she's a challenge -- what could Biden say to attack or discredit Palin, without attacking or discrediting the women who support Obama?

In both camps, spin city is set on a new course of Sex in the City as this race to the White House is going to get really dirty, really fast as the Dems and Republicans pull no stops in courting the latest most desirable voting group: Empowered, enlightened and invigorated working women.

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